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untitled (blue tape collage)

marker, blue painters tape, linocut prints, streamers, etc.


digital collage on computer paper

submissions exploring the internet as a contemporary medium for feminist expression. 

untitled (portland, me)

i started this project as a way to connect with other (though few) people of color in the school i was attending in maine. being in a primarily white space had taken a toll on me, and i knew i could not have been alone in feeling this. i put up flyers around school looking for individuals yearning to talk about their experiences and feelings of displacement. the interviews were recorded. the project became therapeutic for many. it was one of the first times for many poc there that they had a chance to speak up about these issues without feeling shut down by the white majority. though i do consider the project unfinished, it did create many conversations in the school on how race affects both the student body and the curriculum being taught. some of the individuals interviewed and myself were invited to meet with the president of the school in order to discuss our feelings on being in the midst of such a massive white population that is portland, me.


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