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Alanis received the Interdisciplinary Student Recognition Award in 2019 from SUNY at Purchase College


She was invited to show work in the campus' Dolly Maas gallery alongside other recipients as part of their here we are in all our colors senior exhibition. 

here we are in all our colors, 2019

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Alongside work by Jesús Torres. 


The Gazebo was an extension of her work, ♫something something sooomething♫ being shown upstairs in Room 2033 at the same time of the senior exhibition. 

Room 2033 was transformed entirely into the liminal space between artificial and artifactual, whereas showing in the Dolly Maas alongside other recipients presented her with the challenge of how to carve out this same neither here-nor there place.

Similar to an actual gazebo, this piece invited guests to step on to her platform and into the imagined world she had pieced together of her history. 

A small projector displays a blue butterfly circling a made-up artifact constructed from stock imagery and printed on to computer paper. 

Video documentation of that here

This same butterfly appears projected upstairs as part of a karaoke video series. She effortlessly glides from track to track, and later describes her ability to move through time and space- even detailing her friendship with a dog from Pompeii and flying alongside Playstation's Spyro the Dragon. 

IMG_8658 2.jpg
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